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Ionian Mode

Ionian Mode otherwise known as the Major scale 

Moving on from the Major pentatonic scale the 5 note scale, The major scale includes the 4th and 7th degrees, which are the half-steps or semi tone steps which were removed to get the pentatonic scale. 

The formula for the major scale: 

Tone – Tone – Semitone – Tone – Tone – Tone – Semitone of which the  intervals are:

Attached are the 7 patterns of the major scale. Learn them and play them the same way you did the pentatonic scale on the guitar. Connect all of them up and down the neck in a variety of different keys. Notice that one pattern leads to the next.

Start by playing the lowest playable octave shape, then the chord, then the corresponding arpeggio, the pentatonic scale, and then the full major scale. 

Finally, practice playing in each pattern over a major scale backing track and try to get the feel of each pattern. Connect the patterns and get comfortable seeing the whole neck as a major scale.